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Cliff on April 29th, 2017

Do you know the meaning behind the name?   View this post on Google+ Post imported by Google+Blog for WordPress.

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"While biotech investors and entrepreneurs turned to rare diseases — and the potential for selling drugs targeting those diseases at a high cost — novel treatments in a number of more-prevalent disease areas went wanting." "[…] looking at the five-year period up to 2008 and the subsequent five years ending in 2013, […] R&D funding […]

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Cliff on February 19th, 2015

BIO’s David Thomas and Chad Wessel have put some much-needed light onto the trends of biotech investors over the past decade with a new report ( Bruce Booth highlights the key points of this report, in a Forbes article (, as follows: "First, over the past decade, nearly 80% of venture capital for therapeutics went […]

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"The prospect of fighting Chinese knockoffs is daunting to all but the most moneyed of foreign companies. Chinese factories can be nimble copiers, and operate in a language and market opaque to most outsiders." "But China, both in its ascension to the World Trade Organization and in subsequent years, has increasingly empowered copyright holders to […]

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"With more students becoming entrepreneurs and developing IP before they graduate, universities across the country are taking another look at their policies on ownership of that IP. Some are establishing policies that give all ownership rights to the students in hopes of spurring more of the business development that TTOs usually expect from faculty. Others […]

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