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"At the heart of the 'precision medicine' initiative, announced on Friday by President Barack Obama, is the creation of a pool of people – healthy and ill, men and women, old and young – who would be studied to learn how genetic variants affect health and disease."

"Officials hope genetic data from several hundred thousand participants in ongoing genetic studies would be used and other volunteers recruited to reach the 1 million total."

"The near-term goal is to create more and better treatments for cancer, Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), told reporters on a conference call on Thursday. Longer term, he said, the project would provide information on how to individualize treatment for a range of diseases."

"The effort may raise alarm bells for privacy rights advocates who have questioned the government's ability to guarantee that DNA information is kept anonymous."

"Obama promised that 'privacy will be built in from day one.'"

"Perhaps the most audacious [DNA analysis] effort is by the non-profit Human Longevity Inc, headed by Craig Venter. In 2013 it launched a project to sequence 1 million genomes by 2020. Privately funded, it will be made available to pharmaceutical companies such as Roche Holding AG."

"Venter raced the government-funded Human Genome Project to a draw in 2000, sequencing the entire human genome using private funding in less time than it took the public effort."

From +Reuters: 

U.S. proposes effort to analyze DNA from 1 million people


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À / In Beauceville, Québec (2015/01/02) –


"Researchers at Arizona State University have quantified the amount of metals that winds up in sewage sludge and calculated its potential worth. Samples were collected from across the U.S. and it was discovered there could be up to $13 million worth of metals in the sludge produced by a city with a population of one million annually. that includes $2.6 million in gold and silver."

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News – There could be millions of dollars worth of gold and silver in sewage sludge – The Weather Network
As it turns out, one tonne of the sludge that’s left over when treating sewage waste could contain a significant amount of precious metals like gold and silver, potentially generating millions of dollars in revenue each year.


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"Shakespeare coined new words when he needed — or merely wanted — them. Can you guess which words were invented by the Bard?"

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When Shakespeare committed word crimes
Shakespeare coined new words when he needed — or merely wanted — them. Can you guess which words were invented by the Bard?


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In the article, the following seven hacks are suggested, based on the author's experience with really wealthy people, so you can see what they do for your bottom line.

1. They truly love what they do.
2. They constantly evolve.
3. They edit their lives.
4. They give generously of themselves.
5. "Bad luck" is not part of their vocabulary.
6. They ask a lot of questions.
7. They don't live on wishes–they thrive on goals.

From +Inc.: 

Learn the 7 Life Hacks of Really Wealthy People
We all have the potential to build streams of income and wealth. Here are some powerful ways to get there.