Cliff on February 12th, 2016
By +Lisa Boucher & +Cliff Pavlovic, Ph.D.

"In Canada, we currently have a number of entrepreneurs and dedicated inventors who do not have access to sufficient start-up capital, thus stifling innovation and economic growth. By analyzing global trends over the last few years, crowdfunding has been shown to make a huge impact in entrepreneurial and even business needs."

"An overview of the state of global crowdfunding shows that it is growing and has the ability to impact multiple industries. As for the current situation of crowdfunding in Canada, it is nascent with potential for growth. Now the role it can play in economic development is important, especially for entrepreneurship: a sector that had the most crowdfunding volume worldwide, nearly US$7 billion (in 2014)."

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White Paper: Harmonizing Crowdfunding within Canada | Momentum Crowdfunding
(Following is the abstract of the paper; below the abstract is the link to download the full document). A paradigm shift in the financial industry: Harmonizing Crowdfunding within Canada. By Lisa Boucher and Cliff Pavlovic, Ph.D. In Canada, we currently have a number of entrepreneurs and …

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Cliff on February 12th, 2016
Mr. Branson's answer to the question: “Your very own definition of love and great relationship would be…?”

By +Richard Branson:

My definition of love

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Cliff on January 28th, 2016
"[…] incumbent managers have a short term incentive to ignore the challenge [of disruptive innovation] — making best use of their existing infrastructure. Taxi companies tried to leverage regulation to preserve the value of their medallions and drivers. Nokia tried frivolously to protect its closed ecosystem and preserve employment for their thousands of Symbian focused staff members. And you can be certain that Merck, Pfizer, and Roche have strong incentives to make the best use of their high-end R&D functions before embracing the radically different path that 23andMe might take."

"And over the long term, each of these short-term decisions could lead to failure."

"With information at the core of most modern disruptions, there are new opportunities to attack industries from different angles. Uber built a platform in a fragmented limo market that let it come into transportation and logistics more broadly. Netflix captured your eyeballs through streaming video and used the data it had to blow up the content production process. Google mapped the world, and then took its understanding of traffic patterns and street layouts to build autonomous cars."

From Harvard Business Review:

How Big Data Is Changing Disruptive Innovation
Disruption is no longer just coming from the low end.

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Cliff on January 18th, 2016
"The incentives that govern the actions of financial sector employees tend to reward speculation, rather than long-term wealth creation."

From +The Economist:

Finance and economics: What’s wrong with finance | The Economist

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"Justin Roy Dupuy's right leg was amputated above the knee last October, where the main tumor was. He suffers from a rare form of cancer called sarcoma."

"Since then, he's been using an artificial leg paid for by Quebec's medical insurance board, the RAMQ — but he says the leg, which costs about $20,000, doesn't allow the geological engineer the mobility to do field work."

"Making matters worse, he discovered that if he had lost a leg in a car accident, instead of to cancer, he would have been eligible for a mode advanced leg which would allow him to work in the field, walk up and down hills, and swim. The leg, called the Ottobock Genium X3, costs about $110,000."

"Roy Dupuy suggests the issue lies with his public insurance — if he had been involved in a car crash, he would have had to deal with the automobile insurance board (the SAAQ), and not the RAMQ."

"Despite lobbying from technicians at his rehab center, the RAMQ has indicated it won't pay for the Genium X3 limb. He's raised more than $7,000 in the first 48 hours the page has been up."

From CJAD 800 – News. Talk. Radio.:

Cancer patient turns to crowdfunding for new prosthetic leg
A 26-year-old man who lost his right leg to cancer is has now turned to crowdfunding to buy a new prosthetic limb.

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