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Cliff on January 28th, 2016

"[…] incumbent managers have a short term incentive to ignore the challenge [of disruptive innovation] — making best use of their existing infrastructure. Taxi companies tried to leverage regulation to preserve the value of their medallions and drivers. Nokia tried frivolously to protect its closed ecosystem and preserve employment for their thousands of Symbian focused […]

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Cliff on January 18th, 2016

"The incentives that govern the actions of financial sector employees tend to reward speculation, rather than long-term wealth creation." From +The Economist: Finance and economics: What’s wrong with finance | The Economist View this post on Google+ Post imported by Google+Blog for WordPress.

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"Justin Roy Dupuy's right leg was amputated above the knee last October, where the main tumor was. He suffers from a rare form of cancer called sarcoma." "Since then, he's been using an artificial leg paid for by Quebec's medical insurance board, the RAMQ — but he says the leg, which costs about $20,000, doesn't […]

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"Some days, the road to becoming healthier or more fit is fraught with bumps, obstacles, and confusing junctions. It might feel easier to just throw in the towel because dealing with these hazards can be such a hassle, but before you give up, try to imagine your alternate reality to renew your motivation." From +Lifehacker […]

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Kalotem offers innovation services to startups as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). / Kalotem offre des services d'innovation aux start-up et aux petites et moyennes entreprises (PME). • IP (intellectual property) landscaping & strategy• Internal R&D landscaping• Drafting and review of IP policy• Technology valuation • Paysage et stratégie de propriété intellectuelle (PI)• […]

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