"North American markets plunged at the start of trading this morning, with the Dow losing 1,000 points and the TSX more than 600 points." "Earlier, U.S. index futures had signalled losses will cascade in the world’s biggest stock market as contracts on the major equity indexes hit their daily loss limits of 5 per cent." […]

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Cliff on August 18th, 2015

How Norway's trillion-dollar sovereign wealth fund left Alberta in the dust From +The Globe and Mail: Alberta and Norway: Two oil powers, worlds apart Decades ago, the governments of Norway and Alberta had similar long-term visions for turning vast resource riches into public prosperity. Now, a global plunge in oil prices has revealed stark differences […]

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"Surgeons at Boston Children's Hospital started using 3D-printed copies of patients' affected body parts to prepare for procedures last year. Now, that move has helped save the lives of four children aged two months to 16 years old who suffered from life-threatening blood vessel malformation in their brains. Their condition gave ride to distinctive anatomies […]

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"A rocket-plane that could fly from Vancouver to Tokyo in three hours instead of 10 has been patented by Airbus." "Airbus said the plane would be targeted mainly at business travel and VIP passengers 'who require transcontinental return journeys within one day,' and at the military." "[…] the supersonic plane could carry 20 passengers or […]

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"Chinese shares fell on Tuesday, as Beijing scrambled once again to prop up a stock market whose wild gyrations have heightened fears about the financial stability of the world's second biggest economy." "After a plunge of more than 8 percent in major indexes on Monday, Chinese regulators said on Tuesday they were investigating share 'dumping' […]

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