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In other news, the City of Montreal has updated their coat of arms and logo. They apparently didn't listen much to the experts of the Canadian Heraldic Authority, because the end result is far from being esthetically pleasing!

They didn't publish the blazon on their webpage, so I'll make do. I know that there is a better way to do it, but I can't remember at the moment what is the heraldic way of saying 'a cross that is rounded at the middle' 🙁

Arms: Argent, a cross Gules between, a fleur-de-lys Azure in dexter chief, a rose Gules seeded Or, barbed, slipped and Vert in sinister chief, a thistle slipped and leaved Proper in dexter base and a shamrock Vert in sinister base. Over all, a pomme charged with a white pine tree eradicated Or.
Crest: A beaver dormant on a log fesswise Or
Supporters: two branches of maple leaves Vert meeting in base in saltire.
Motto: concordia salus.

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