"Vicki Saunders is the founder of SheEO, an organization with a new way to give to and grow female-led companies in Canada. She calls it Radical Generosity. The idea is simple; it is also grand: We need a different model of support and funding for female entrepreneurs to develop their businesses."

"Ms. Saunders’ model is designed specifically to tackle the kinds of challenges female entrepreneurs face. The harsh truth is that women in business are chronically underfinanced, undersupported and undercelebrated. The statistics are depressing and have remained so for years. Venture capital funds less than 7 per cent of female-led ventures, according to SheEO. Not only is access to capital more difficult for these entrepreneurs, their stories aren’t covered equally either. Less than 19 per cent of business news mentions ventures led by women."

"SheEO is raising $1-million to support 10 female-led ventures in Canada. To be considered, yours must be a Canadian female-led company with at least $50,000 in annual revenue. The twist is that the 10 companies selected will themselves decide how the money is to be divided among them. This model of funds dispersal is fresh and female."

"The money will be given and recycled through five-year, interest-free loans. New companies are funded as loans are repaid. An added benefit is that women can tap into the expertise of the donors as well. This is appealing to me – I can contribute my talent, network and expertise and have the option to review, rank and select the 10 initial ventures that will be funded."  

From +The Globe and Mail: http://ow.ly/RARvV 

SheEO has a bold vision to get venture capital to female entrepreneurs
The organization wants to alter the funding landscape for female entrepreneurs, a necessity in a landscape where women in business are chronically underfinanced, undersupported and undercelebrated

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