“Walk down the aisle at Whole Foods, and the chances are good that the independent-looking brand on the label is actually owned by a larger conglomerate. Kellogg owns the Kashi brand of cereals along with Fruit Loops. General Mills owns Cascadian Farms along with Count Chocula. Last year, soon after macaroni and cheese-maker Annie’s Homegrown talked about the struggle to stay independent; it ended up selling to General Mills as well.”

“[…] shoppers might tend to assume that a company like Annie’s is still independent—and the big brands want it to stay that way.”

“While a change in ownership doesn’t necessarily mean a change in the product itself, it can. Silk Soymilk, for example, quietly tried to switch from organic to “natural” soy after agribusiness giant Dean Foods bought the company. It later reintroduced organic versions at a higher price.”

From +Fast Company‘s Co.Exist: http://ow.ly/NP9Uq

These Are The Giant Corporations That Own Your Favorite Organic, Mom-And-Pop Brands
Where’s your money going when you buy seemingly independent, value-driven brands, like Green Mountain Coffee, Naked Juice, or Goose Island Beer? The…


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