Why ResearchKit Is the Most Exciting Thing Apple Announced

Posted on 2015/03/10 in Google+, Health, Innovation, Personal Tech, Research, Science & Technology

"'Quantified Self' is the idea that the key to improving your life is to track everything you do and use that information to identify patterns and make positive changes. For many of us, that means tracking our steps, logging our meals and our workouts, and even tracking our sleep. Of course, not all of the data we get from those trackers is reliable, and the information we see is even trickier to interpret if you're not sure what you're seeing, or how it plays into your overall health picture."

"That's where ResearchKit could step in to make a difference. By linking your phone with health institutions and research organizations, the information you log, steps you take, and trials you participate in all go back to the people who designed them—presumably doctors and researchers who are able (and eager) to sift through the information you provide. As doctors specifically get on board with tools like this, they can introduce tests and tools that let you log your meals, steps, and activity, and help you understand exactly why you're walking 10,000 steps a day but not losing weight, or sleeping eight hours a night but still having trouble staying awake during the day."

"Apple's ResearchKit offers companies […] and municipalities […] a common platform to build experiments and public tests […] —all without having to reinvent the wheel themselves first. In the future, we could see programs like this pop up all over the globe, with lower entry costs and time to deployment. Best of all, since every iOS device in the wild will already be compatible with the tools those researchers choose to build, your doctor could someday hand you a device to wear on your arm, tell you to download a ResearchKit app, and come back for a follow-up appointment in a few months, after he's collected enough information to diagnose your condition."

"But what about privacy and security? We've established that lots of health companies are selling your data, but Apple went out of their way yesterday to say that Apple never sees the data you provide through ResearchKit—which is good, considering much of it will be used either for medical research, studies, or individual patient care. However, who the research institutions, hospitals, and doctors share that data with is up to them (although still governed by laws like HIPAA.)"

From +Lifehackerhttp://ow.ly/Ka7YE

Why ResearchKit Is the Most Exciting Thing Apple Announced Yesterday
Apple announced several things yesterday, but ResearchKit, the company’s new medical research and health platform, is clearly the technology with the most potential to actually improve people’s lives. Services like it are already at work around the globe, helping doctors and patients manage symptoms and improve health. Here’s why it’s important, and how it could actually change health care for the better.

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