Innovation isn’t about ideas. It’s about execution.

Posted on 2015/03/10 in Business, Google+, Innovation

"The reality is that businesses don’t generally suffer from a lack of fresh ideas. What they really suffer from is failure to let the best ideas find their way up to a senior level, and a failure to execute on those ideas. Ideas have to be acted upon, taken seriously and invested in; otherwise they come to nothing."

"Unfortunately, the weak spot for most businesses lies in this execution. An idea might well be great – and it could unlock all types of growth – but until it’s executed, it doesn't have any real value."

From The London Economic:

Innovation isn’t about ideas. It’s about execution. – The London Economic
By Dan Norris-Jones, co-founder at technology consultancy, Priocept Innovation is a business buzzword that won’t go away. What’s more, it’s a term that’s full of misunderstanding. Most people immediately equate innovation with an ability to constantly spark new ideas. But this is to miss the point. Why? Because ideas are cheap. It’s the execution of …

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