How funding is coming up short on new drugs for these diseases

Posted on 2015/03/02 in Business, Google+, Health, Research, Science & Technology, Technology Transfer & Commercialization

"While biotech investors and entrepreneurs turned to rare diseases — and the potential for selling drugs targeting those diseases at a high cost — novel treatments in a number of more-prevalent disease areas went wanting."

"[…] looking at the five-year period up to 2008 and the subsequent five years ending in 2013, […] R&D funding for novel diabetes drugs fell 81 percent between the two five-year periods, psychiatric drug funding dropped 56 percent, cash for gastrointestinal therapies tumbled 49 percent, respiratory drug funding shrank 41 percent and cardiovascular drug dollars slid 32 percent lower."

"At the same time, money raised by companies working on new types of previously approved pain drugs increased three-fold." 

From the +San Francisco Business Times​:

How funding is coming up short on new drugs for these diseases – San Francisco Business Times
A new white paper from the Biotechnology Industry Organization shows a bleak long-term picture for biotech drug developers trying to capture money for novel drugs in a number of disease areas.

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