As technology marches inexorably on, invention becomes the mother of necessity

Posted on 2015/03/25 in Business, Google+, Innovation, Personal Tech, Science & Technology

"We’re in the middle of a seismic moment, both seduced by the possibility of technology and frustrated when it creates more voids in our lives than it fills."

"We’ve always been good at creating technology to fill holes we didn't know were there. Douglas Adams was once asked why he had such a dislike of digital watches. (In The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, human feebleness is defined by affection for such gadgets.) He said it wasn't so much that he didn't like them, as he didn't see the point. Why replace a perfectly good wristwatch with one that you needed two hands to use? 'The great thing about human beings,' he said, 'is not only do we invent stuff that’s new and better, but even stuff that works perfectly well we can’t leave alone. It’s the most charming and delightful thing about humans. We keep on inventing things that we got right once.'"

From +The Globe and Mail: 

Apple Watch: It’s the precise opposite of a labour-saving device
I feel like a yestertool for doubting the Apple Watch, but we can be both seduced by technology and frustrated when it creates more voids than it fills

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