From the article, here are 15 sexiest creative behaviors, as rated by female participants in a study published in the Journal of Creative Behavior:

1. Playing sports
2. Taking a date on a spontaneous road trip
3. Recording music
4. Making a clever remark
5. Writing music
6. Performing in a band
7. Taking artistic photographs
8. Performing in comedy
9. Dressing in a unique style
10. Writing poetry
11. Inventing new recipes
12. Drawing pictures
13. Making sculptures
14. Writing short stories
15. Styling your hair in an interesting way

It is mentioned in the article that the rankings for male participants were (surprisingly) extremely similar.

From +Fast Company – Co.Design:

A Scientific Ranking Of The Sexiest Types Of Creativity
What’s hotter, playing in a band or building websites? Science weighs in.


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