What Small Businesses Provide That Larger Companies Cannot

"When you work at a company where thousands of other people work, there can be no favors, no accommodations, no preferred treatment. Because once you do something for one employee it’s inevitable that others will ask for the same. Then when they don’t get their way there’ll be arguments and lawsuits. Because of this, big companies have to have rigid rules."

"This is not to say that small companies don’t have rules. Of course they do. But at a small company, there is much, much more flexibility."

"Large corporations certainly value their employees. But when there are 10,000 or more their individual value amounts to much less than at a small company. Compared to a large company, when you work for a small business, you know the owners. You see and talk to the bosses every day. You become part of a team and are vital to the company’s success. You have more flexibility and more opportunities to contribute, grow and succeed."

"For better or worse, you are more quickly noticed. You are more respected and valued, especially if you’re good at what you do, because an owner suffers more if you leave. There is usually less turnover and so your fellow employees stick around longer. Many become like family. The owners become like family. And no time is this more apparent than when something befalls you."

From +Entrepreneur: http://ow.ly/GMxht 

What Small Businesses Provide That Larger Companies Cannot
A tragic turn of events at one firm reveals that something is eventually lost at a larger scale.

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