Top 10 M&A Deals of 2014

"Just a few numbers show how far the value of 2014’s top deals involving biopharma mergers and acquisitions (M&A) has surpassed those of 2013: The biggest acquisition of 2014, at $66 billion, is more than four times that of 2013’s number-one"

"The number of 2014 M&A deals exceeding $10 billion (five) is 2.5 times the two such deals that occurred in 2013, and the second deal barely surpassed eleven digits at $10.4 billion, the price Amgen paid for Onyx Therapeutics."

"Most importantly, the value of 2014’s top 10 M&A transactions reached a combined $179.05 billion—nearly three times the combined $66.4 billion of a year earlier."

The article provides a list of 2014’s top 10 largest M&A deals in U.S. dollars.

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