"In rural Kenya, pit toilets—basically holes in the ground, with no water for flushing—are the most common type of toilet. They don't always work well. At Maseno School, a large boarding school in western Kenya, the sewer system often backed up and contaminated a nearby stream. And, of course, it didn't smell very good either."

"A teenage student at the school came up with a solution: Why not turn the sewage, along with food waste and dung from the school's cattle, into power for the school?"

"My inspiration was drawn from the pressing demand for a clean, renewable sustainable source of fuel," says student Leroy Mwasaru, now 17. "In the African continent we have lots of resources that masquerades as 'waste.'"

"Along with a team of fellow students, Mwasaru started researching biodigesters—underground chambers that collect waste and use microorganisms to efficiently convert the waste into a renewable fuel. 'We were out to make ours more flexible and better,' Mwasaru says."

From +Fast Company – Co.Exist: http://ow.ly/GT5vQ

This Kenyan Teenager Uses Poop To Fuel His School
Leroy Mwasaru’s biodigesters have eliminated two pollution problems in one fell swoop.


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