"Forty years after Ebola was first discovered, several groups say they are close to a vaccine for the virus, while others work on a treatment for those already infected."

"Clinical trials to test the effectiveness of two Ebola vaccines will begin in Liberia within two weeks, the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services said Jan. 22. A total of 27,000 people will be involved. Health workers will be the first to participate. Another trial is planned for Sierra Leone."

"Harvard University bioengineers are developing a small device that filters deadly pathogens, such as those in Ebola, out of the bloodstream and has been proven to be effective in treating HIV and E. coli. It was initially designed to treat sepsis."

From +Circa: http://ow.ly/HQy8N

Large-scale human trials of Ebola vaccines to begin in Liberia


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