Facebook Rolls Out A Platform For Professionals, Called Facebook At Work

"Facebook has just released a limited version of its new platform for professionals, known simply as Facebook at Work. It has been long in the making—as long as 10 years, if we count the time since its early versions were created for internal Facebook use."

"For now, Work is only an app. (Other products, like Slack, are both mobile- and browser-based.) It is currently being tested with a small group of companies, and is available only through the Apple app store and Google Play. TechCrunch reports that because some smaller businesses were already using Facebook Groups as their internal chat rooms, businesses with 100 or more employees have been selected for the Work pilot program. It is unclear what, if anything, the final product would cost."

"Work looks similar to the regular Facebook, with posts, news feeds, and events. But Wired reports that users' personal and professional accounts will be kept completely separate. This way, your chances of getting fired for spilling embarrassing personal details to your colleagues—or sensitive work details to your friends—are considerably lower."

From +Fast Companyhttp://ow.ly/HkRHh

Facebook Rolls Out A Platform For Professionals, Called Facebook At Work
The home of your friends’ baby photos is now competing with Slack, Yammer, and other enterprise social networks

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