US military to coordinate Ebola response

Posted on 2014/09/18 in Google+, Health, Science & Technology

“The U.S. military will lead efforts to fight Ebola, White House officials told reporters Sept. 15. The U.S. will establish a military command center, deploy up to 3,000 military personnel at a cost up to $750 million for six months, build 17 treatment centers and train healthcare workers. The UN says it needs $1 billion to fight Ebola.”

“The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on Sept. 10 announced $50 million would be committed to support efforts aimed at containing the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The foundation said it would immediately release funds to UN agencies and other international organizations to ‘scale up emergency operations in affected countries.'”

Article on +Circa:

US military to coordinate Ebola response

International health experts have warned the deadly disease could spread further if it isn’t curbed through collaborative efforts.

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