Top websites join Internet Slowdown Day in symbolic protest of 'fast lanes'

"Internet Slowdown Day will be headlined by several major companies when Web users and so-called Net activists come together on Sept. 10 to demonstrate what the Internet might look like if so-called fast lanes are allowed as part of the new Net neutrality rules that the Federal Communications Commission is currently considering.

"Participating sites will display an "infinitely-loading site loading icon" to illustrate to visitors what the Web could be like if broadband providers are allowed to offer priority service as part of the upcoming Net neutrality rules.

"Net neutrality has long been a subject of debate on the Internet. The principle is simple: Internet service providers — such as AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon — and governments around the world should treat all Internet traffic the same. This means ISPs shouldn't block or slow down traffic on their local broadband networks based on individual users. And they shouldn't modify their services based on the type of traffic those users are accessing or by the type of service that's sending the content."

Article on +CNET: 

Top websites join Internet Slowdown Day in symbolic protest of ‘fast lanes’ – CNET
Reddit and Vimeo are among the sites participating in the Sept. 10 event in support of a free and open Internet.


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