"Ebola experts are hanging out on Reddit, answering detailed questions about the disease from panicked strangers in order to separate fact from fiction."

A few myths, true and false:

"TRUE: Old-fashioned home cleaning products are a great weapon against infection, even with a disease like Ebola."

"FALSE: The disease has mutated and become airborne, and that’s why it’s killing doctors."

"FALSE: A global pandemic is inevitable."

"TRUE: The consequences of the epidemic go way beyond just the deaths from Ebola alone."

"TRUE: We’re still really bad at predicting epidemics like this."

"TRUE: The international response has been tragically inadequate."

Article on +Vocativ: http://ow.ly/BxiWo

Amazing Reddit AMA Busts Worst Ebola Outbreak Myths
TIL Ebola experts hang out on Reddit, answering questions from strangers


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