"A World Health Organization panel of medical ethics experts ruled on Tuesday that it is ethical to offer unproven drugs or vaccines as potential treatments or preventions in West Africa’s deadly Ebola outbreak."

"The United Nations health agency said provision of experimental Ebola drugs required “informed consent, freedom of choice, confidentiality, respect for the person, preservation of dignity and involvement of the community.” The WHO said ZMapp's scarcity raised ethical questions of who should have priority."

"WHO experts hope for improved supplies of experimental treatments and progress with a vaccine by the end of the year. That may come too late to put an end to the current epidemic, which is more likely to be stopped by standard infection control measures, but it offers hope for the next inevitable outbreak."

Article on +The Globe and Mail: http://ow.ly/Af7lx

Using unproven drugs to fight Ebola is ethical, WHO panel says
The death toll from the world’s worst outbreak of Ebola has climbed to 1,013 people, according to figures on Monday from the World Health Organization


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