Brazil’s Home-Field World Cup Advantage? The Refs

Posted on 2014/06/16 in Croatia, Google+, Miscellaneous, Research, Sports

The quote of the article: "The Brazilian forward Fred (just Fred, as Pelé was just Pelé) went down after a Croatian defender placed his hand on Fred’s upper arm with all the aggression of an usher at a memorial service." 🙂

Now there is evidence of an important effect in sports: "The home-field advantage, it turns out, is a sizable advantage. In a recent research report on the World Cup, Goldman Sachs (GS) calculated that the home-field advantage is worth 0.4 goals a game, which, in a sport heavy on 1-0 and 2-1 scores, is a huge factor."

And who does the crowd affect more, the team or the referee?: "The crowd does have an effect, but not necessarily on the team. A few social scientists have tried to look at the issue of home-field advantage empirically, and they’ve found that the crowd’s role in the phenomenon is that they sway the referees."

Article on +Bloomberg Businessweek:

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