"While the term “artisanal” may be a bit overhyped, I would argue there is a real change afoot in the early-stage venture industry. There is a curiosity on the part of some VCs to focus on being a part of fewer, higher-quality, handcrafted companies. Investors like myself are now applying the same type of “craftsman” passion and care to help nurture companies from their earliest stages."

"This is an approach that can be applied to all aspects of company building, from recruiting, product development and user experience design to market positioning, finding product/market fit, customer acquisition and much more. It is labor-intensive and requires investors to dedicate themselves as core team member, not just as “outside” advisers. I see this as creating greater value for investors and entrepreneurs alike."

Article on Re/code: http://ow.ly/vbiQt 

Artisanal Cheese, Cocktails … Now the Artisanal VC?
In the era of the consumerized enterprise, it’s easy to start a company, but difficult to build products that delight.


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