What Disney and Playboy Can Teach You About Branding

"Walt Disney frequently reminded everybody that "It all started with a mouse." Hugh Hefner's empire began with a stag as a symbol of maleness, abandoned because it was already taken, and replaced by the symbol of eternal horniness, the rabbit. These are two of the greatest brand-builders around."

"You might not think the two should share the same sentence, but they have a lot in common. They both began with virtually no money and built valuable, powerful, iconic brands with little investment in actual brand-building and virtually no brand/image advertising. Both Disney and Hefner grew their brands on the back of direct marketing and sales activity, on free advertising via media partnerships and publicity, and through leverage of the media."

Read more about the strategies used in the +Entrepreneur article: http://ow.ly/ufi2p 

What Disney and Playboy Can Teach You About Branding
Here’s what you can learn from brands that are still going strong more than 50 years after their founding.

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