Photographer Edward Burtynsky's new film looks at how we (humans) use our planet's liquid resource.

"The story was stitched together over a year of sifting through footage in the editing room. We see irrigated farms in the southern U.S., filthy water in a tannery district in Bangladesh, fishing in the South China Sea, and the water show at the Bellagio in Vegas. There’s a clear sense of how much water is being squandered–or turned into toxic sludge–as people drain it for cities and agriculture and industry."

"But the movie also shows pristine watersheds in Canada, something Burtynsky describes as “a place where you can still dip a cup into water, drink it, and not die.” And Baichwal explains that after the long process of filming, she actually ended up with some sense of hope."

Article on Co.Exist:

Stunning Photographs Show How We’re Using And Abusing The World’s Water
Photographer Edward Burtynsky’s new film examines the complicated questions about how humans use our planet’s liquid resource–and whether we can…


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