How Does Crop Biotechnology Help Food Security?

"As the Gates Foundation points out, agricultural enhancement in the developing world is also the key to a better life […] One way to do this is through biotechnology. Note that I said ONE WAY, not the only way."

"Sometimes the value of a scientific enterprise is not appreciated until years down the road. Have GMOs lived up to the hype of their most exuberant advocates? No. Does any new technology?"

The article also has a healthy debate on the subject, via links to different opinions on the article itself as well as the topic in general.


How Does Crop Biotechnology Help Food Security? – Collide-a-Scape |
In the U.S. food is taken for granted. There are well-stocked supermarkets and no shortage of cookbooks and eateries to indulge appetites. This bountiful s

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