If you want a hub of innovation and creativity, with a strong entrepreneurial core, the aim should not be to make a carbon copy of Silicon Valley but to understand the elements which make it work.

When looking at your own backyard, you will see what your strengths and weaknesses are and thus allow you to put in place a proper strategy for your own successful hub, based on and adapted to your realities.

"With the ability to adapt quickly, fail fast and move, a community that does not punish failure, right government support and above all the will and passion to success in the midst of hardships, any city, community or region can create an innovative hub to foster creativity and build disruptive businesses." (from the article)

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Silicon Valley is Not Just a Location, But a Mindset
Silicon Valley has become the go-to location to create that big technology business for most American entrepreneurs. Well, not just Americans but entrepreneurs from far and near aspire to create su…

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