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The Unexotic Underclass

Posted on 2013/06/05 in Business, Entrepreneurship, Google+

The next focus of startups should be on real-world problems, often in our own backyard, that affect people that get little attention in the push for the next cool app or next cool tech-looking-for-a-problem-to-solve.

As stated in the article, the world is much larger than what a lot of startups are currently focusing on: "If you’re an entrepreneur looking for ideas, consider looking beyond the city-centric, navel-gazing, youth-obsessed mainstream."

Furthermore, it is also a question of using bright minds more effectively: "You should care because the unexotic underclass can help address one of the biggest inefficiencies plaguing  the startup scene right now: the flood of (ostensibly) smart, ambitious young people desperate to be entrepreneurs; and the embarrassingly idea-starved landscape where too many smart people are chasing too many dumb ideas."

As entrepreneurs, we can do better. We can change the world for the better, if we want to.

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The Unexotic Underclass | The MIT Entrepreneurship Review
May 19, 2013. The startup scene today, and by ‘scene’ I’m sweeping a fairly catholic brush over a large swath of people – observers, critics, investors, entrepreneurs, ‘want’repreneurs, academics, techies, and the like – seems to be riven into two camps. On one side stand those who believe that …

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