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Startups: The Case For Hiring Generalists

Posted on 2013/06/12 in Business, Entrepreneurship, Google+

Elena Bajic makes the case for hiring generalists if you are a startup and want to succeed. The following are the 3 main points she raises: 

1- To be successful, you will need some combination of multi-taskers (aka: generalists) and specialists (aka: experts) from the outset.
2- A generalist-heavy team can stretch and allow us to achieve a quality result for less money. 
3- The ratio of generalists to experts will decrease over time as a company’s business grows increasingly complex, and layers of employees are added. 

Startups: The Case For Hiring Generalists
I am a multi-tasker by nature.  I’m energized by catching fly balls from left field and adding them to my juggling act.  That’s why I thrive in a start-up environment.   My bias is to hire like-wired professionals because, as a start-up, we are still too thin on the ground for […]

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