Croatian Bees Are Being Trained to Hunt Down Deadly Land Mines

Nikola Kezic, a professor at Zagreb University and honeybee behaviour expert, has been working with a team of researchers to give bees bomb-hunting abilities. Why? Honeybees have a perfect sense of smell and by making use of this (figurative) nose that far surpasses our own, the scientists have been drizzling with TNT particles a team of bees' food. This way, the bees associate the smell of real, live explosives with their next meal. Doing so would allow them to find explosives, such as mines.

The bees will never be able to uncover every single mine lying around, but by sending them off into supposedly de-mined minefields and tracking their movement with heat-seeking cameras, they could prove invaluable in uncovering the missed explosives (without triggering them). And save countless lives in the process. 

Croatian Bees Are Being Trained to Hunt Down Deadly Land Mines
Sending animals to do our dirty work—specifically of the drug-sniffing, bomb-hunting variety—isn’t a novel concept by any means. But while an animal bomb-sniffing squad might conjure up the image of a noble K9 dog, Croatians are now depending on a very different, perhaps not quite as lovable bomb fiend: the common honeybee.

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