Innovation For Dummies

Three simple and effective ideas, as suggested by Mike Maddock, for innovation in your organization:

1- Stop hiring experts from your industry. They are likely to see things as your people do. Instead, look for people with a specific problem-solving ability. For example, if you are faced with disintermediation issues—and all service companies are—look for experts who have tackled disintermediation. It’s likely better that they know nothing about accounting, lawyering or whatever your business is because it will enable them to solve your problem and challenge your paradigms.

2- Engage your young people. Your newest hires and the youngest people aren’t set in their ways. They will view things differently. Ask them what do they see, when viewing your biggest challenges.

3- Play war games. Put a team of your smartest people together and give them a “simple” challenge: “If you were starting from scratch, how would you make our company irrelevant?” Make sure you include outside experts and younger people in the exercise. Not only will this identify previously unforeseen threats—threats your “experts” will invariably dismiss—but also opportunities.

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