‘Star Trek’ inspires BlackBerry founder to launch quantum fund

Posted on 2013/03/20 in Business, Google+, Innovation, Research, Science & Technology, Technology Transfer & Commercialization

Quantum technology is so fascinating to him that he and BlackBerry co-founder Doug Fregin have launched a $100 million investment fund, called Quantum Valley Investments, to work on commercial applications for breakthroughs in quantum science,

"There's this buzz around the world that this quantum information science is starting to bear fruit," said Lazaridis. "There's even an X Prize for a medical tricorder like we saw in Star Trek. We've seen many of the devices and predictions of Star Trek come true, from the computer, voice activation, voice recognition, to the communicator in today's smartphones and computers."

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‘Star Trek’ inspires BlackBerry founder to launch quantum fund
Known for his long-standing interest in quantum technology, Mike Lazaridis creates a $100 million investment fund aimed at bringing science breakthroughs to the commercial world. Read this article by …

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