Actually changed my password; I was able to confirm that my old password was part of the breach. To be on the safe side, please change yours (f you have a LinkedIn account)!

Change Your LinkedIn Password Right Now!
Millions of passwords were hacked.

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  • How you came to know that you were on that list?

  • I'm a geek, followed the instructions found in one of the links in the article. 😉

    UPDATE: For the instructions (direct link):

  • I just changed my password though I didn't check if I happened to be on the list. Precaution :-)) Thanks for the link.

  • Don't mention it! I actually changed it before checking, then I checked and found my now-old password was there (in hash form).

  • Do you happen to have "combo_not.txt" I couldn't find it. Probably, file has been removed.

  • I should still have it. Will msg you with the info on how to get it.

  • Received, thanks. Will check tonight to see if I was on the list as well.

  • Check mine, not found in the list 😉

  • You actually now have a easier way to check (I posted the link via my G+, so check my other posts).

  • And good to hear your account was not compromised. 🙂

  • Great, let me do that.

  • That's strange as the tool you posted shows my password was compromised while the file couldn't find it. But I am glad, I changed it already. Thanks again for being a geek 🙂

  • No worries. I think the online tool has a more complete listing (but non-public). Either way, nothing wrong in changing your password, just in case.