Twitter Updates for 2011-12-16

  • Using the new Facebook Timeline interface (; roll-out of the new look will hit all users in a week or so. #
  • Chrome, Cloud Print finally get a proper handshake [The Download Blog] #
  • I'm an initial member of @TeamWahooly, sharing my influence for a piece of the next big thing(s). Join me: #
  • iTunes Match rolls out to international community, makes music lovers flinch [Engadget] #
  • Photo Update! New images in the "Beer & Wine", "Vienna", and "Slovakia" galleries. Be sure to check them out! ( #
  • Why You Can't Get Funding: It's Not Because You're a Woman [Inc.] #
  • You know cold and flu season is in full swing when you can't find chicken soup to buy in stores. #
  • Quebec goes it alone with cap-and-trade climate plan [The Globe and Mail] #
  • 25 Propaganda Posters For Everyday Annoyances Article [Cracked] #
  • My top news stories: thanks @MarineLebouar, @CBCMontreal & @inovia #
  • New iTunes-only 'Avatar' offers rich interactive viewing [CNET News] #
  • Top Ten Reasons Why Large Companies Fail To Keep Their Best Talent [Forbes] #
  • J&J seeds ambitious open R&D neuroscience program [Technology Transfer Tactics] #
  • Aggressive approach doubles disclosure rate [IP Marketing Advisor] #
  • The Tech Transfer List Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @didierleconte @thmartinuzzo @techtrantactics @joskob #
  • Gene Mutation Helps Clear Fats From Blood, Study Finds [Yahoo! News] #
  • Wash. U. Scientists Discover Reason for Stuttering is in the Genes [St. Louis News] #
  • German science organizations slam European court over stem-cell ruling [Nature News] #
  • Industry faces "perfect storm," Roche CEO Schwan says [PharmaTimes] #
  • Hemophilia B Gene Therapy Breakthrough [NY Times] #
  • Tea, Earl Grey, Hot. (It's not chicken soup but still good to have when you have a cold, with some honey) #
  • A Resume Is Not Enough: Why Students Need Professional Online Profiles #

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