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Twitter Updates for 2011-09-20

Posted on 2011/09/20 in Twitter

  • I'm at Salons De Romree (Beiaardlaan 31, Brusselsesteenweg 39, Grimbergen) #
  • The Complete Business Travel Packing List [Lifehacker Australia] #
  • Take these practical steps in the wake of U.S. patent reform [Technology Transfer Tactics] #
  • FDA to Revamp Rare Disease Efforts [The Scientist] #
  • Merck looks to improve therapy for hepatitis, C. difficile infection [Reuters] #
  • Merck Joins the Big Pharma VC Party, Setting Up $250M Biotech Investment Fund [Xconomy] #
  • Resistant Bacteria Neglected by Drugmakers Give Cubist $2 Billion Market [Bloomberg] #
  • The Tech Transfer List Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @techtrantactics @davidblerner #
  • A Belgian Road Sign Fact: Charleroi in Flemish (Dutch) is Charleroi; yes, French and Flemish are the same. #
  • I'm at Domus (Tiensestraat 8, at Eikstraat, Leuven) #

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