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Twitter Updates for 2010-12-03

Posted on 2010/12/03 in Twitter

  • Jaw-dropping image of enormous 'supercell' cloud in Glasgow, Montana (Mail Online), #
  • Less than 48hrs left in Montréal. Then it is back to Leuven. #
  • Google sandboxes Flash Player in latest Chrome builds (Neowin), #
  • 'New form of life' loves arsenic –…..t-11886943 #
  • The New Attention Deficit: 4 tips for turning off and really tuning in (Entrepreneur), #
  • How risk-taking can help build your business: 4 tips for encouraging intelligent risk taking (SmartBlog), #
  • Chembio Diagnostics enters into technology transfer agreement with FIOCRU (TradingMarkets), #
  • Nichrome ventures into technology collaboration with Prodo-Pak Corporation (IIFL), #
  • Cancun and the Intellectual Property Challenge (Americans for Energy Leadership), #
  • Takeda Takes Exclusive License to Baxter’s Vero Cell Culture Tech for Japanese Flu Vaccine (GEN), #
  • Chuck Norris made honorary Texas Ranger (The Globe and Mail), #
  • Business meeting + lunch + coffee (@ Café Nido) #
  • Mom back home from hospital, doing well. #
  • Time for Farewell Friday, time to have a drink with friends. #

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