• Sanofi-Aventis debuts iBGStar blood glucose meter for iPhone (Engadget), http://ow.ly/2HXFd #
  • Spider Makes Webs 75 Feet Wide, Silk is Stronger than Kevlar, http://ow.ly/2HYam #
  • Peak Oil Consumption – How much oil is left? http://ow.ly/2HYdo #
  • RT @KU_Leuven: K.U.Leuven Delegation in China visiting Sichuan University in Chengdu http://bit.ly/cSpY8f #
  • BioTech Montreal's September event was a resounding success! Over 100 guests! A thank you to all! Good job team! #
  • Creative Barcode – New barcode to protect early stage creative business concepts is launched, http://ow.ly/2I4ml #
  • Scientists Discover 'The Homer Simpson Gene' (The Atlantic Wire), http://ow.ly/2Id9I #

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