Twitter Updates for 2010-07-21

Posted on 2010/07/21 in Twitter

  • On route to airport. Made the train (doors closed right behind me as I entered 🙂 #
  • I'm at Brussels Airport (BRU) (1930 Zaventem, Zaventem) w/ 3 others. #
  • Waiting for my flight. First Vienna, then transfer for Zagreb. After car ride to Osijek. #
  • Waiting at my gate at BRU. Coffee and muffin hit the spot. #
  • A waltz is playing as you board and take you seat in the Austrian Airlines plane. Next stop: Vienna (airport). #
  • A Flu Vaccine without the Needle: Skin patch holds promise for painless delivery, #
  • Arrived at Vienna airport. Time to wait for my connecting flight to Zagreb. Time also to get lunch. (@ Vienna Airport (VIE) w/ 2 others) #
  • Having a beer. Lunch will follow. (@ Ikarus Bar @ Vienna Airport) #
  • Having lunch and another beer, at the Cafe Bistro Johann Strauss. The place is pretty much next to the departure gate, how convenient 🙂 #
  • Wellspring purchases and revamps Flintbox, #
  • Note to Google: Nexus One cannot correctly login to Vienna Airport Wi-Fi, but my iPod Touch can. Major issue I find (android proxy probs) #
  • Time for the last plane ride of the day (to Zagreb) #
  • RT @richardbranson: Conjuring up the people factor – my top five tips for entrepreneurial success #
  • Arrived in Zagreb. A car trip awaits. (@ Zagreb Airport) #

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