Euro 2008 qualifier: Croatia 3 – 2 England!

Croatia had already qualified for Euro 2008, but England needed a tie or a win to also qualify. This was sudden death for England and it was at Wembley, the shrine of soccer (remember, the English did invent the sport). Wembley, the place where England went down only once before (in the 1950s against Hungary). On paper, the advantage was for England. What happens? Croatia wins!

It was a very good game and Croatia showed why it deserves recognition as an important force in the soccer world. England was a little too cocky before the game and in the end they lost. They lost because they were beaten by a better playing team. They lost because their manager made some weird and wrong decisions (for example: let’s put the inexperienced keeper for the key game!). They lost because they played with no fire. All of which Croatia did. I’m happy, not just because Croatia is in the Euro next year, but because even I did not expect the outcome of this game at all.

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