A Good Podcast: This WEEK in Tech

This WEEK in TechNot having listened to radio in awhile, I’ve gotten back into it through a more hi-tech approach: Podcasts. One useful feature with podcasts is the ability to listened to the shows you want, when you want. Another plus, for now, is that you can get alot of free shows, commercial-free (which may change with time, as the tech becomes more popular). One show I have been listening to on a regular basis is "this WEEK in Tech" (TWiT). The show is lead by Leo Laporte, and he’s joined by a motely crew of ex-TechTV folks and tech experts to talk about the week’s top tech stories and the latest tech trends. It was good to hear the voices of all the old ScreenSavers guard and finally listen to a tech show that’s actually good (ok, Call for Help and DiggNation are great shows as well). You can easily find TWiT on iTunes or through the TWiT website.

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