Motorola and palmOne enter the personal grooming market

New cruZer RAZRBy Cliff Pavlovic

Boston, April 1st, 2005

Today Motorola announced a partnership with Braun, the shaving company, and the release of a new product: The cruZer RAZR. Also today, palmOne has announce a new entry into the Treo lineup: The Treo Trimmer. This marks the first entries into the new and emerging market of mobile phone/personal grooming (MPPG) devices.

The new Motorola phone will be sold by MotorolaBraun, the new company created by the partnership between Motorola and Braun. The Treo will be sold under the palmOne brand, but through its new Personal Grooming Products division, in collaboration with Schick.

Syd Burns, spokesperson of MotorolaBraun said at the press conference: “In today’s modern world and gadget convergence, the true value of a product is its ability to really be useful. An added requirement is to eliminate the need to actually have a utility belt to carry all our electronic gizmos. We have now developed one of these new devices which should make it easier for travelers and anyone who cares about their personal appearance, to look good and be able to stay in touch.”

The cruZer RAZR combines the features of the Braun cruZer3 with the communication capabilities of the Motorola RAZR V3, all in one svelte package. Furthermore, you can listen to MP3s as you shave and even talk hands-free, thanks to patented noise canceling technology which eliminates the sound of the shaver for those on the other end of the line.

New palmOne Treo TrimmerIn a move to counter the new cruZer RAZR, Treo has released a somewhat less ambitious yet no less important entry into the MPPG market: The Treo Trimmer. It combines the features of the widely successful Treo 600/650 product range and the usefulness of a hair trimmer. Wylde Bush, spokesperson of palmOne said: “Our product covers the segment of the market which deals with removal of unwanted nose and ear hairs. Details are important, even when it comes to your looks.” He further pointed out that MotorolaBraun’s new product does not cover this part of the market, for now. He also said that palmOne, through it’s collaboration with Schick, will be releasing new products in the future which will deal more effectively with shaving and other grooming concerns.

All these new products, either from MotorolaBraun or palmOne, will be available beginning this month.


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