Click here to get FirefoxI’m primarily a Opera user, but I do have Firefox installed on my computer. I use it when some sites give me trouble with Opera. Of course I have gotten use to some features that Opera has (such as saving your browsing session upon closing the browser). There are even a few features you can get on Firefox that you cannot get on Opera at this time (like the in-browser Gmail notifier). So I set out to make Firefox behave like Opera. I searched for different extensions which would mimic the features in Opera and which would work well together (no conflicts when having all the extensions loaded and Firefox staying stable during long-term use).

So here are my favorite extensions, in no particular order…

To speed up the net connection of FireFox, Tweak Network settings:

To get a better tabbed browsing experience, Tabbrowser Preferences:

To save your last browsing session, Session Saver:

To focus on the last selected tab (when you close your current one), Focus Last Selected Tab (FLST):

To control your browsing (forward, back, home, refresh) just using your mouse, Mouse Gestures:

To see the current weather conditions, try ForcastFox:

There is also a Gmail notifier extension, but that’s only useful if you have a Gmail account (and you don’t want to use the official Gmail notifier from Google):

These extensions should help you get the most out of Firefox, with the mindset of an Opera user. I use them all and they should work on the Mac version of Firefox as well (I’ve tested a few). I’ve obtained all of them from, a good site for Firefox (and Thunderbird) extensions. The site is better organized than’s own update site (for now), which is why I picked it as my extension source (of course, most are also found on the official update site). You will probably need to allow the site to be able to install the extensions.


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