Youppi to keep Montreal bums warm this winter

YouppiBy Pierre Fiset

As negotiations proceed to determine the ultimate fate of the Expos, team managers are faced with decisions to be made about Expos-related paraphernalia. Of particular concern is the lovable team mascot Youppi, first brought to the Olympic Stadium in 1979. With the move of the Expos to Washington D.C. fear has developed about what to do with Youppi. Petitions have been started to save our star. Team managers have decided to trash Youppi and use the mascot for a more philanthropic purpose.

An excess of 35 Youppi suits have been found in the bowels of the Stadium still in functional order, and have been given to local vagrants all over the Montreal area. Team managers claim that the suits will at least serve some use keeping the homeless warm during this winter. Therefore a caution to parents to keep children away from Youppis encountered on the streets as even if they seem to be the playful prankster on the outside, they may be a crack-addict-hungry-for-your-wallet on the inside.

Montreal, December 2004

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