Losing My Religion

R.E.M. - In TimeTo continue my listing of top favorite songs, here is one which stems from the alternative rock/pop side of the music world. It’s a nice little gem from the group R.E.M., released in the early 90’s. The song is "Losing My Religion", found on the In Time – The Best of R.E.M. 1989-2003 album (originally on the Out Of Time album). The song has a catchy melody (good guitar) and lyrics which lead to numerous possible interpretations: having a crush on someone, obsession, fear of being misunderstood, etc. A misconception is that it’s a song about religion, which it is not, at least in my opinion. I learned that "Losing my religion" is an idiom from the southern United States meaning to be frustrated at something, to be at the end of one’s patience, about to blow his or her top. In the end, whatever meaning you get from the song, it’s a beautiful piece of music and songwriting.

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