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Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia

Posted on 2004/08/31 in Web Tech

Wikipedia - The Free EncyclopediaIf you are an information junkie (like me) or just need to find some information (and take a break from Google), check out Wikipedia. It’s a free online encyclopedia which I found recently. Anyone can contribute to it, which makes it a truly ingenious way to store the knowledge of humanity. Of course there are a few moderators that keep an eye on the content (whether it’s accurate, controversial, etc.) but the encyclopedia does rely on the concept that the users police themselves. Unfortunately, you should look at it more as an interesting place to find information, not necessarily an accurate place to get it. One thing I can assure you is that once you start reading through it, it can be hard to stop. From Wikipedia have emerged sister projects, such as a quote resource or an online dictionary (and others). Wikipedia is run by a non-profit group called the Wikimedia Foundation.

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