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Croatia: Handball Olympic Champions!

Posted on 2004/08/29 in Croatia, Sports

Handball + Croatia = Gold Medal!Croatia won the gold in handball! Even though I did not follow the Olympics as religiously as Euro 2004, I still kept an eye on certain sports (handball, high jump, tennis, etc.) and countries (Canada and Croatia). Gold medal in Atlanta in 1996 and the 2003 European champions, they get the gold back after not being able to defend their Olympic title in Sydney (they did not qualify for the Games of 2000). Undefeated during all of the stages in Athens 2004, the victory was well deserved (plus the Germans did play very well and made Croatia fight for the win). What makes it even more sweet for some of the players? The fact that a few were part of the team in Atlanta (so 2 gold medals to cherish).

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