Greece win Euro 2004

Euro 2004 - Greece are champs!Greece win the European Cup by beating Portugal 1-0. The same Greece that did not win a game in any major event prior to this year’s competition. Portugal had chances and were better in the stats department, but in the end the Greeks prevailed. Since I had no loyalty to any team, it was much easier for me to watch the game. The game itself was not exciting, but I was with friends at a resto-pub with good food and drink, so I can’t complain. 🙂

Like I said before, it was not an exciting game but if you wanted a dose of tactically-played soccer, you got more than enough. Greece proved that with a good coach and good discipline you can win. Could have it been predicted? Well I did say jokingly that Greece, after the win against France, was going to get the Cup. But I don’t think that counts. 🙂

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