Beautiful Day

The sun was shining, the air was warm and a gentle breeze blew. I had done all the work I needed to do for the day, so what did I do? Left early (which is rare) and took a nice walk home! I admit it was weird since I got accustomed to leaving late (on average around 7pm), courtesy of doing research. Of course I won’t be making a habit of leaving early, but I would not mind making a habit of walking home on a regular basis.

The walk felt good. It was good for the body and good for the soul. It took about 50 minutes and I got a good workout (most of the time going uphill). It really helped clear up my mind. But tomorrow is another day, another day of work! I should return to my old habit of walking home at least once a week. Then again, I would love to play soccer once a week, but have not had a lot of luck so far. 🙂

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