Vacation is over and it’s back to work!

Some stuff I got during my vacation: soccer jerseys, new cell phone.Vacation has been over for awhile now (since my return on the 29th of May and back to work on the 31st). Of course, as for all vacations, it was too short. On the other hand, I have no complaints about the vacation itself: good company, good food (and sometimes too much good food), good weather (most of the time) and the traveling was without issue. The memories I shall cherish (and a few stories and pictures to go along with them. 🙂

As for the return to Montreal, is not all bad (except for the weather and the work :-), since I get to see my parents, old friends and familiar faces once again. So in the end, it always come down to the people that surround you who make life more pleasant, whether it be at work or on vacation, at home or abroad. That’s a good thing too, since I got a lot of work ahead of me! 🙂

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