Time for some soccer (a.k.a. football or nogomet)!

Euro 2004 - Go Croatia!Every four years is the UEFA European Championship. Euro 2004 is in Portugal (which makes it only a 5 hour time difference compared to Canada) and Croatia qualified for it (but almost did not make it!). Croatia is in group B, with Switzerland, France and England. France being the previous champions and favorites to get it this year, although I think no one should be intimidated by them. They are not the same team that did it in 2000 and those players that are still with the team are older. England can play very good soccer, but their defense is questionable. As for the Swiss, well they did qualify for the tournament (so they can’t be called pushovers) but I believe Croatia will get the win on Sunday. After that, we shall see.

As for the people that find soccer (football, nogomet) boring, all I can say is that you have to watch it. I was once like you, but with time I saw the light! An example: Major upset by Greece over Portugal today. Consequences of this event? An unofficial national holiday in Greece!

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